Saturday, December 26

full life...full heart

i have been facebooking all evening. it is the day after christmas. my brother is gone. my mother is sick. we have been lounging and watching tv most of the day. while on facebook tonight i was browsing through scores and scores of photos of friends from covenant. while browsing i became so inspired. pictures can paint a story. i want my story to be worth being told. i want to live a full life. i want to be loved for my quirks, for my differences. i want to be unique. i want to be content wherever i am, letting God drop into my lap what he wants me to have.

i want to start embracing life again. i want to feel like a high schooler. i want to revel in each day older i get. i want to be happy with myself. i want to be fulfilled in God.

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caron said...

great post, jill. great post!