Tuesday, January 26

i love technology

i have been using google reader lately. i love it. it's easy. it's breezy. it's convenient. everything i like to read, everyone i am trying to keep up with all in one easy to access location? yes please. the only problem with that however is i never remember to visit the good old blogger site. i'm not missing anything as far as reading goes, but i definitely haven't written in a blue moon (literally) and kind of miss the release.

i am ready for winter to be over. after one major fall on the ice and lots of hours spent on the couch/at the doctor, i am not too excited about getting back out in the weather.

in other news: i interviewed today for a volunteer internship thing at the antioch group. i am so excited about all the prospects it will bring into my life. experience, volunteer hours for grad school applications, talking to the director about all the options ahead of me for focuses and such in grad school...life plans...ah the interview was a wonderful refresher...the internship itself will be all the more better. he told me it was 85% sure...the last 15% being decided by his clearing it with his other 2 partners and just making sure i would mesh well with the other interns. you see, the intern positions they have at their practice are "summer-between-junior-and-senior-year-of-college," "need-hours-for-my-masters-degree." and "post-doctoral-fellowship-hours." no one who has already graduated college and is looking to be the best applicant they can be for grad school...so i would kind of be the odd one out, but truly...what else have i been in my life? i'm always that person that gets positions created for them and gets things made up for them. even now i am currently part of a 50 person team in the call center and i am having more trouble being part of the group. i guess i just like to be "special." to have something that no one else there has.

anyway, to put it mildly, i am beyond excited. it is the covenant college of counseling internship opportunities. heck, at the end of the interview the man prayed such a blessing over me i felt that there was no way on earth i wouldn't succeed in my field, and that counseling is definitely the gift that God has blessed me with, his clear choice for my future paths. i am excited to be taught again. to learn. to stay current. and to connect with people. because after all, that is what i am all about.


Taryn Lamp said...

i love this. I am beyond excited for you. i know that you will love being able to get into what you love. I am excited to hear stories and to see you happy.
you should blog more. i love it.

stace-face said...

That sounds like a great opportunity. I'm happy for you!