Thursday, November 26


thanksgiving snuck up on me this year. maybe it was the working full time and not having a break from college to look forward to. maybe it was the unusually warm, rainy fall that we've had. who knows. but last night (thanksgiving eve) i got that antsy feeling that i usually get on christmas eve. that feeling where something special will happen the next day. i love holidays and the nights before holidays.

this year i am so thankful to God for:
-a job, they're so scarce nowadays
-a cozy little apartment that i love to spend time in.
-a roommate that cares about me
-cough suppressants
-the changing of seasons
-babies (i get to babysit wednesday, i'm so excited!)
-the opportunity to reconnect with my friends again after a few years away
-coffee dates like in the old days
-discussions, encouragement, and analyzations
-sunday school
-a brother
-a degree
-christmas present shopping online
-food in abundance
-a working car
-a dog


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