Friday, September 4

happy thought #1

i'm taking a cue from kyrie howard and starting to post blogs as often as possible about something positive. there are so many things in life to be thankful for yet we so often get bogged down in the depressing or dissapointing things. i have been struggling with this for most of the summer and i am realizing that unless i am thinking positive and finding the small blessings in life, it is easy for me to struggle with depression. depression is something i have struggled with before, for several years towards the end of high school and beginning of college and i just don't want to get to that point again. so i am following kyrie's lead (yes i am in fact copying her) and reminding myself daily of the many facets of God's blessings. so thanks, kyrie, for the reminder and nudge.

today: the open sky
living on such a remote campus on top of a mountain you would think would would have skies stretching miles on any side...which we did. but nothing truly compares to the country sky. every time i am standing in my parents' front yard or driving along route 8 or using the backroads to go...well....anywhere...i am overcome with a peaceful feeling. nothing speaks to me more of God's might and abounding provision that the ever-stretching sky.

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