Wednesday, August 19

grown up.

my life has been feeling so adultish lately.

all the number crunching and buying things that i don't want to buy and signing up for things i didn't know existed...along with getting new clothes for work and a new haircut has made me feel transformed. it's so nice to have a cute little apartment of my own, but i'm getting very tired of spending evenings there alone.

tomorrow all that will change. my best friend is currently traveling through the 3rd state in her journey of transitioning to midwestern life. i've never been more excited or more nervous. what if she doesn't like it. what if she gets bored? what if, what if, what if? but then i remember the times we've had at school and at each others homes and i know that it will be better than anything ever has been.

this will be such a good yet stressful time of life. stressful because of the bills and loans to pay and the small income, but good because i know we will grow so much, together, separately, and just into adulthood. i'm beyond elated that we get to make this transition together. i am excited to see her unfold into a more and more relaxed version of herself as i'm sure she's excited to see in me.

a nervous excitement....

it's filling me. :)

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