Saturday, October 25


you know those days? the days where you feel like your life is well rounded? the days when you feel completely content? the days when all you want to do is thank God for your life? i love those days.

today was that day.

i forget how much i love conversation. i love being analytical, philosophical...really just intelligent conversation with someone else...makes my heart happy. other things good about today:

-coffee (and lots of it)
-riverfront in chattavegas
-being outside
-panera bagels
-french press
-laughing so hard your stomach hurts
-realizing you have a million things in common with someone
-feeling the wind on your face
-french press
-looking off the side of the mountain at night when you can see all the lights
-coloring a picture of timone
-french press
-gilmore girls
-being able to comfort someone with cookies
-realizing you can't live your life anymore without certain people
-french press
-the art district
-sitting next to a wall
-overhearing conversations
-sitting in cars for long periods of time just relishing the moment
-wearing other people's pajama pants
-the sound of the clock ticking
-the feeling of God's sovereignty
-warm toes
-long sleeved t-shirts
-the newly learned appreciation of warm showers
-clean rooms

amen and hallelujah. :D

1 comment:

Taryn Lamp said...

*sigh* mmm. yes.

i think you forgot to mention french press.