Thursday, October 23

back "home"

i have realized that whether i'm traveling to illinois or georgia, i still call it "going home." it's a weird time of life when your ties to home are not as strong, but your ties to school haven't been completely strengthened either. this used to bother me. i remember my first year or two here feeling completely lost and useless because i wasn't as close to home anymore, but i didn't "fit in" here. i think it just takes a little getting used to in order to realize that it's not necessary to be completely tied to one place. i think some people have an advantage here. they are used to moving around, so shifting from state to state doesn't phase them. however, after growing up and being raised in the same state, same city, same seem as though this adjustment was harder for me to realize.

at this point, i love being fluid and not tied to anywhere in particular. it gives this strange sense of freedom and possibility. the idea of moving someone besides home after graduation is slowly creeping into my thoughts and i must say i'm loving the possibility. of course, at this point nothing can be decided...but it's fun to know that i'm in the time of life where i am making decisions just for my person, not for a family that i hope i will eventually have. it's the time to do what i want to do while i still can. it's exciting.

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