Monday, September 7

happy thought #3

water is my happy thought #3. i am in love with water. drinking it. looking at it. being on it floating around. especially looking at it from a height or being so far in the middle of it that you can't see land anywhere. today taryn and i had the day off so we slept in, got a picnic together and got coffee and took it to my favorite place in peoria: grandview drive. i never tire of sitting on grandview taking a look down at the beauty of the illinois river (and believe me...the illinois river is only really beautiful from a distance...haha...not so clean)

we had such a nice, sunshiny, relaxing time just laying on a blanket and reading and watching people walk around and enjoying their own labor day picnics.

i love having a partner in crime to revel in the little joys of everyday life with. it makes things so much more enjoyable. this will be a year of transformation.

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Joan said...

Ready for happy thought #4..... Have a great day!