Saturday, July 25

skyping = good for the soul

today has been such a lovely day. i have been reminded of the necessity of accountability. taryn and i start this bible study called "a heart like his" by beth moore quite a long while ago. i did it summer after my sophomore year and remembered it being very good and i wanted her to be able to see what i had learned from that study as well so we decided to start it. it turned out to be an amazing blessing to both of us in ways we didn't know it ever would be.

starting out we learned about jonathan and david's relationship. it made such a difference in how we viewed our friendship. my internet has been out for 7 weeks so today i took a trip into kade's coffee to study for my GRE and to do bible study over skype with taryn.

i figured out this whole screen shot thing...kind of in love with it. anyway here is taryn working away on the bible study today as we were learning about david's prideful downfall. he was so comfortable in his position, so far "above" all the rest of his surroundings, so alone that he had no one willing to step up and tell him he was doing wrong even though he may hate them. there were two quotes in the study that struck a chord with both taryn and i. one was "i want people in my life who love me enough to offend me if necessary and help me not to fall" and the other was "all rebellion begins in isolation." both are just so true.

anyway just had to share. i forgot how lovely it is to do actual bible studies every day and not just read scripture. i am excited to get back into this.

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Taryn Lamp said...

you taking pictures of me unawares. hmmmm. i'm glad to be back into this study too. its so refreshing. and its good to be thinking. seriously thinking about what the word means.