Friday, July 24

life has been moving along at quite the fast pace. i feel like a completely different person than 2 months ago when i graduated, but at the same time, completely the same. i feel as though my life is soon going to feel much rounder. so many things in my life are on the verge of being real, but they are still unstable and unsure and i am nervous to talk about them in too much detail until they ARE real. that said, i have been spending far too much time away from home (where there is still no internet after a 7 week hiatus) and, car insurance, renter's insurance, furniture, internet....etc. etc. etc. i will be glad when things are signed and decisions are made and it is no longer a "well i think this is going to happen and i really want it to and it just seems right but i don't really know...." sort of situation.

things i am excited for:
getting a job
renting an apartment
living with my best friend
getting to decorate our own living space
getting to have people over whenever we want
stocking the kitchen
getting benefits
having a routine again
getting more involved in the kids lives at church
making a difference
fulfilling God's call for my life
finally feeling like my passions will make a difference
being graduated

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