Wednesday, May 27


i don't like leaving, whether it's me or someone else, and leaving from next to me, or leaving from far from me. i just don't like leaving.

back to work for 2 days. it's been better than i was expecting. the only thing making it a little less fun is the looming feeling of needing to fit many things into the few nighttime hours i have before taryn leaves for india. WHAT i am fitting in to those hours i have no idea at this point. as i said, looming.

in other news, i am going to visit for 8 days in july. those will be 8 days of heaven. i am so excited.

i am excited to hopefully reconnect with my friends from home a little more now that i am in a routine. i miss them.

i am also excited about my grad party this friday night. i haven't seen everyone for so long. it will be a wonderful delight to have them all here at the same time in a happy atmosphere. yay.

sorry the posts lately haven't been great. i'll get more lyric and poetic as time goes on. i promise i'll try.

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Taryn Lamp said...

it WILL be eight days of heaven. i am so excited.
and girl. we will fit in everything you need. because i need it too. morning coffee and reading. movies. i believe i have a fashion show to put on. :D i love you.