Saturday, March 28

rainy days

the past few days have been strange on lookout mountain. the weather has been dreary, raining for most of the morning and early afternoon, and only really stopping in the late afternoon, though the fog persists.

driving down the mountain to the haven of our favorite turkish coffee house, i notice the colors. spring is beginning to show through the drear with purple and white flowers on trees, tulips and daffodils blossoming by the side of the road.

however, on these rainy days the residue of fall is more apparent than ever. once bright, colorful leaves form a drab and stifling carpet on the floor of the woods, challenging the wildflowers of spring to try and push through them. the rain weights them down, making it harder to imagine spring. however, i know that soon it will stop raining, and the air will blow through those leaves again, making them dry and light enough to blow away, sharing the upcoming elements with the living plants, rather than the dead cast offs of last fall's glory.

i like this stage. especially at about 6:25 pm. especially on a friday. it's so calming. the week of work is behind, the weekend is ahead, and the possibilities are limitless. everyone is empowered to make a difference in their world, to make a change to the ho-hum of their everyday routines. it is rejuvinating. i feel alive.

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Taryn Lamp said...

I love that feeling. Of infinite possibilities. It always reminds me of that part in Perks of Being a Wallflower. I dont remember it perfectly. But its when they are in the truck, listening to that mixed tape they go through the tunnel the wind in their hair and he say's he feels infinite. I feel that way quite often, especially in the spring. especially at this time in life. we have everything before us. It makes me so excited.