Thursday, March 19

liquid velvet

mmmmmmmmmm vanilla breve latte. my comfort drink. unfortunately, when i am stressed, this is where i turn. to this beautiful warm, smooth, soothing drink. i have so so so so much on my plate right now. i have a test tomorrow (which i'm not super worried about, but that shouldn't stop be from preparing - as it tends to do). my SIP presentation is on april 1, which you may or may not realize is only two short weeks from yesterday. i don't even have a good thorough outline yet. i need to kick it into gear soon. taking 20 credits with your senior dissertation...? yep. not a great idea.

however, things have been better lately. the sun has been out. winter is taking it's leave and spring is beginning to make it's arrival. there's so many little green things. this transformation seemingly happened overnight while i was home for break. i left and it was dreary. i came back and felt a breath of life again. i love spring. the seasons really affect me more than i want them to and i just breathe easier when it's springtime and you can feel the wind in your hair. driving with music up and windows down makes everything else fade away for just a little while. this is the time of year when i am especially mindful of God's handiwork and ... just ... protection over us. i love feeling protected.

i can't wait until april 18th. school will still be crazy, but my SIP will be turned in and i will be able to enjoy the season a little bit more. enjoy the last stretch to graduation. pray for me. please. please. i am feeling so incompetant right now. God will have to carry me, because only He knows that i can't pull this all myself. so far i've just been ignoring so that i don't have to face all the reality of everything i have to do and just try to take it one step at a time. however, that is not working. ahhhh...

it'll be ok.


stace-face said...

You're right... it WILL be ok. I know you have so much going on and so much that can very easily become stressful. So know that I am praying for you. You CAN do everything you need to get done. God will give you the strength you need. i love you.

Taryn Lamp said...

if you need me i'm here. always.
i love your words and your thoughts. i've missed reading them.
i love reading your descriptions of things. they are just so rich. so honest.

Travis & Kelsey said...

I'll be praying for ya!!!! Hope I get to see you and hang out soon :)