Thursday, February 19


imagine the title sad in a "tim, the tool man, taylor" sort of voice. some girls on the hall won a steak dinner for all of us by winning a relay thing, and tonight we had a hall dinner with a guys' hall and had catered steak, baked potatoes, green beans, rolls...basically amazingness. i forgot how good it was to eat real meat and real vegetables where all the nutrients weren't already sucked out of them, and baked potatoes where the skins weren't like 2 inches thick. it was a beautiful thing.

also: stealing 3 steaks and some green beans from the great hall = not as hard as you would think.


stace-face said...

oh my goodness. . . that was the best dinner in the GH we will ever experience... :)

Kelsey and Travis said...

Looks delicious!!! Oh, the great hall green plates :)I hated those things so it is strange to say that this picture makes me miss them, or the great hall or maybe just Covenant.