Wednesday, February 25


there is an incessant smattering of raindrop that breaks through the cloudy, overcastness that is today. not enough to wear a rain jacket. too much to feel comfortable carrying around your laptop without a case (which in my case in inevitable, due to throwing the case in frustration last night and losing it in the process). tension is high. stress is high. pressure is high.

i am so glad that break is coming up soon. i just need to get away. from the norms, from this place, from the in and out of everyday school life. my brain needs a break. my heart needs a break. my spirit needs a break.

i want a masseuse for my birthday.


stace-face said...

Oh my lovely roommate. We are so so close to having that break that our hearts and spirits and brains need! so close. I love you and will be praying that the next week goes by quickly for you.


Sarah said...

I so agree with you!!
I am so stressed and so overtired that I wind up getting absolutely nothing accomplished.
I can't wait to go to the beach and just lay flat on the sand and refresh myself in the Lord...

Kelsey and Travis said...

You can make it girly. What are you up to for spring break? Guess what! We have our tickets booked to come home May 5th. Not really sure whats next in life but we know that we will be back in the states early May. When do y'all finish up at Cov? When is graduation? Miss you!!!!