Saturday, December 6


it's such a cathartic activity to me now. it's amazing how doing something regularly can make it into such a habit. however, today it is frustrating because i am in a writing mood but cannot decide what to say, which puts the whole effort at a stand still.

this week has been particularly frustrating in many ways, but mostly because of the ridiculously heavy amount of homework i've had. busy all week, i didn't get to start my two 5 page papers (both due friday) until thursday around noon. after one paper took me til midnight i had to begin the next one early friday morning and then finish it throughout all my classes that day (since they're pretty much solid 9-4). the first paper was due at 10, so i got that turned in and then finished the other, due at 3, during my 1 o'clock class. thank goodness. talk about stress.

now i am sitting in a coffee shop. if over extension of the brain was an actual physical ailment, i would have it. i need to be working on a study guide, and even another paper, but my brain just doesn't want to begin to function. i just want to sleep. blaalalala. oh well.

i'll be home soon. excited about that.

in other news: i really like reading 1 kings. partially because of the content, partially because of the practice/developing the habit, and partially because of the tradition. well. you know what i mean.


Taryn Lamp said...

:) mmmm hmmm.

Taryn Lamp said...
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andysbethy said...

I don't stop by here often enough. I love your style. The way your write! Oh, you bring back the memories. I loved college. I hated college, but it was a love/hate relationship.
Thanks for reminding me of what was, once upon a time. Not so much for making me feel really old... but I will forgive you for that, since you can't really help it. It's not your fault that I am not as young as I use to be!
Keep expressing yourself. It reminds me to express myself too, and that is so needed.