Saturday, November 29


there is a certain bleakness to the midwest that i love. come mid october the scenery is devoid of vibrant colors and instead is replaced by a not unwelcome dullness. i like this time of year in the midwest. things seem to calm down. the wind calms down for a little bit, and the sky is clear, revealing the shining illumination of the stars. the countryside is no longer dark at night, but instead just darker than the day. you can still see shapes and objects under the starlight.

there is a certain beauty of seeing these aspects of my world through someone elses eyes. having my lovlies home with me this break has been an incredible blessing. i'm sure they miss their families and their traditions, but mine has been so much better just having my two worlds collide.

seeing the look on a friends face when they appreciate the things i appreciate about my home - my dad's joy for archery and guns, my brother's musical talent, my mother's cooking... - this is something i will never forget. this is what it is like to be truly understood.

my home is so much a part of my heart. i take it for granted, and often don't notice how much a part of me it is, but it rocks my world. being so used to living in the country where you can see all the way to the horizon at all times, all the nature, the silence, and calmness...these things i am used to and i miss when i'm not here...but i forget they're not natural to everyone. i love it when my friends discover the hidden beauty of something that is so stereotyped as "hick" or "country." instead, it is naturally beautiful, calming, a picture of what God intended the world to be.

i love this.


stace-face said...

yes i do miss my family and traditions. but being able to spend this holiday with you and your family and traditions has been such a blessing and i am honored that you wanted us to be a part of it. i love you very much, roommate :)

Taryn Lamp said...

my favorite. was when we were overlooking the river. all the trees. but one in particular. tall and big. branching out so close to its base it was nearly two trees. so strong. its bark thick rough and worn. cracked so deep into its core. its what trees are supposed to look like. but most of all. how its how it felt under my gentle hands. big and strong and protected but alive.
i just love trees.