Sunday, September 21


i love making new friends. it is refreshing. it makes me like to be me. it also makes me remember what i like in others. it makes me pay attention to more minute details that i would otherwise.'s stressful having new friends. i'm constantly second guessing myself and trying not to let myself change just because it's awkward. there's always awkwardness in getting to know new people.

i think this is where friendships differentiate themselves. real friendships...good friendships...they are bigger than all of that. it doesn't matter how awkward it may or may not get. you still are in it for the long haul. it's when all those problems make you rethink the friendship...that's when something's wrong.

that's the thing i love about the new school year. there's the opportunity for so many more friendships. this year i am feeling particularly blessed in that area. it kind of makes me want to cry. i think i cry most when i feel undeservedly blessed. anyway, to my new friends...thank you. for being you, for befriending me, for living each day in the way that you do. it rocks my world.

you know when someone comes into your life and you can't imagine life without them? like you wouldn't know how to exist in a world that didn't have them in it? yeah i have that.

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stace-face said...

love you, new friend :)