Monday, August 18

dead as a doornail

well.  it was fun while it lasted.  me and the MPC...we had some good times.  we had some laughs and some cries.  some emails we wished we hadn't sent and some ones that moved us to tears with their devotion and caring.  but alas, MPC has moved on to a different world.  i will not say a better world because as far as i can did not deserve to be in a better world.  however, it has in fact passed on.

soooooo....soon i will have a new member joining my family.  most likely a gateway...or a hp...but as much as i wish i could treat all my children equal...they will always know they would not be loved as much as a mac would have been.  who knows.  maybe in the future i will have a mac...but this is not the time for that kind of addition to my family.  :'(

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