Sunday, January 13

new life

well, i'm back at cov.

it's different i feel like.

it's been a good semester so far. i mean there's only been a week to judge it by, but classes are starting to get in order, and as long as i can stay on top of my homework, i'll be fine. looks like there will be alot of reading again, but there is some writing also, which will be a nice breather, compared to last semester. finally something that is produced, instead of just absorbed.

i am enjoying the refreshing friendships this semester. i am enjoying my roommate more. i forgot how much of a difference there is between semesters. last year i had a hard time getting used to my roommates until second semester, then i loved them dearly. i think this year is similar. i really enjoy all her expressions and stuff. :D i love roommates.

also, i think my friendships across campus are solidifying. the hall friendships are good, but i think everyone is getting more comfortable and not only hanging out with the hall out of habit. we all have separate groups of friends as well, which is nice to have a little breather, if you know what i mean. don't get me wrong, i love my hall. sometimes it's just nice to get off the hall and get a breath of fresh air.

i've been working on consistancy. in everything. Bible reading, homework, attitude towards others (especially hallmates), and consistancy with myself. i realized part of my problem last semester was i was all wishy washy with feelings about myself. some weeks i would feel like i was doing pretty well and then i'd get all depressed and hate myself. well i realized somewhere in the middle of christmas that that's ok. it's normal to have down days and such, and it's ok to feel down about yourself. it doesn't make you less of a person to have a depressed day or two.

i know that's a weird realization, but nevertheless, it helped me know myself better.

well, this is all i wanted to say for now. but i'm excited to see where the next semester will take me.

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