Tuesday, September 4

come away with me

i have a renewed faith in the ability of starbucks to bring people together. it's amazing to me how, at college, it only takes one fateful meeting to make people the best of friends. maybe it doesn't happen to everyone, maybe you have to be in the right mood, or the right location, but never-the-less, i have met people this year that i have noticed from a distance but never spoken a word to.

i am the type of person that, once i have had a meaningful encounter with someone, automatically assumes we're friends and strive to meet up with them once in a while to reconnect and share life together. however, i was discussing this topic with my roommate the other day, contemplating whether friendship is worked for or given.

i think there is a healthy balance of each mentality. we should not be in the mindset that we are "bestowing" our friendship. we should be willing to be friends with anyone. but at the same time, there are instances where someone abuses our friendship, and we have to beware of that. this is going to be an incomplete post, because i am not ready to post my extended thoughts on the topic yet, but as soon as i arrange them in an understandable order, they will be up here.

what are YOUR thoughts on the topic?

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