Friday, August 31

jesus paid it all

the school year has flooded my life with new duties and "important tasks" that need to be done by a deadline. i suppose that is what we learn to expect from school though. that is why it is often so hard for people to get geared up to head back to school. it takes so much strength to get through it all.

at my school we have required chapel. we have to attend 40 chapels every semester. they hold chapel about 3 times per week, so it takes most of the semester to get all 40 in. chapel isn't that bad of a thing...i like it most days...but those days where you are just dragging yourself from bed to class to chapel then back to bed you just wish you wouldn't be required to go.

today we had student-led chapel. it was truly amazing. i've always liked student-led chapels more than usual. today was such a blessing. matt brown, joel piedt, and michael rhodes led us in singing many great songs that just truly spoke to my heart. some of them i had never heard before. some were old hymns that were such a comfort to be able to hear again. but i would have to say the most bone-chilling experience is when about 1000 students and professors all raise their voices in a capella unison singing "jesus paid it all." it just goes to show, when a group of christians come together in worship, how truly effective the worship can be.


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Olivia Perry said...

i agree....i cried. that song means so much to me.