Tuesday, September 29

home again

our little apartment finally feels like home. it was quite the morphing route to get here, but with the books in the bookshelves, the candles on the coffee table, and our bright red couch and mustard yellow chairs, our apartment is starting to have some spark, some personality, and a little touch of home. there is nothing better than coming home to a cozy little apartment that is arranged nicely. now i'm wondering how we are going to fit all the housewarming people in on saturday night. thankfully i threw out a large enough time window that hopefully they'll come in shifts.

it has been starting to feel like fall. the crispness in the air and the changing leaves always bring on a sort of melancholy for me. and not in a "man it's getting colder" way, because i actually love the cooler season. but i have kind of been preconditioned to dread the fall because that's when "school starts again" and when i would leave home for my little tiny dorm room in the sky. now that i'm not leaving however the melancholy is settling over me with no apparent reason whatsoever. i find myself wanting to stay in bed under the warm blankets rather than get up for work, and wanting to come home to my relaxing living room straight from work. a little lacking in the get-up-and-go department. i guess that means i'm nesting. i'm perfectly happy cleaning the counter tops and organizing new additions to our little nest. in fact, i'm ready to take on the world when the little apartment is clean. i can just sit here and my mind starts to feel creative. not too much has come of it yet, but i think that's a good sign.

pictures to come soon, along with detailed descriptions i'm sure. anyway, suffice it to say, i'm livin the dream. :)

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Taryn Lamp said...

lets sit and get creative again soon. and have a nice little night in our apartment. i miss the days when all we did was hang out. stupid job. stupid not going to school together. why can't we want to do the same profession so we can go to the same grad school and have classes together?
also. we need to start writing more.