Saturday, May 9

here it is

in a short half hour i will be leaving for my graduation from covenant college. i have been on the verge of tears for nearly 24 hours (at some points over the verge) and am having trouble keeping the excitement in perspective as i know soon after i will need to be leaving this place i have come to love, the people that are here, and my most important other half. i am trying to be optimistic...but i am having trouble.

we are going to go to pasha one last time. it is tradition, it is what we do. we made a special request for strawberry scones. i hate lasts. little sleep threatens to make this day harder than it should be, or we want it to be at least. the overcast weather outside reflects my mood as i am preparing to check out of my room for the last time and turn in my room key. how will it all get done? ahhh....

hopefully once i get home this will be easier without the immediate emotions of impending loss, but from recent experience, that does not always seem to be the case. i am going to miss being "we" so much. i am going to miss being a student. but mostly the unsurity of the future makes me miss all these things more.

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