Wednesday, April 29

the endtimes

college is drawing to a close. yesterday was the last day of classes and it was an unbelievable feeling. not unbelievably good or bad...just unbelievable. it has been so long in coming, but so quickly approached at the same time.

i got an email from my employer offering me a full-time job. the problem is that i don't want to work in a bank for any significant period of time. i told her that by the time they got done training me i'd be wanting to look for a job in my field.

then i read the qualifications and rules for repaying my student loans and i regretted it slightly.

the future is so hazy. it's so strange when you are completely sure of what you want, and just not sure how to get there.

i'm not ready to leave the mountain. i'm not ready to leave my built in bathroom that is so handy in ex-hotel dorms. i'm not ready to live without my friends. i'm not ready to not be learning everyday from brilliant professors, no matter how hard the class may be. i'm not ready to start paying and repaying.

just not ready.

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stace-face said...

...and i'm not ready to say good-bye.