Monday, February 2


i didn't realize how long it had been since i had written anything. almost a month. a lot has happened over this past month. it's taken a while to get used to school again, to the school atmosphere. living on a hall, being with my friends, studying, going to classes, having responsibilities...all things i have to get used to again. it couldn't have come too soon though. i was so ready to be back to my life, back to my habits and routines and the people that know the "school" me, which is of course the most current me.

i haven't posted for so long because i've been rather indecisive about my mood lately. it could be weather related, could be stress related...but i just can't seem to be happy or sad. i wish i would just pick one. i'm not quite happy enough to only be happy but i'm definitely not sad enough to just be yeah. i feel like i just need a break. an adventure. a deviation from the routine.

thankfully, we're going to murfreesboro this weekend. new people, new places, new should be a good mental break from tradition.

i'm just exhausted. i want my dog.

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