Saturday, November 15

i just wanna feel the

the sun is beaming through the windows with the feel of rain still in the air. it is still gloomy, but the sun breaks through, as if establishing its dominance over anything the skies could bring forth in combat of its rays.

the mirrors around the room reflect everything that goes on in this place. the locals come and go, a pair of 60 year old women coming in for their 1 oz. shots of espresso, families stopping by as they walk through the neighborhood, students bringing their work to this sanctuary.

as the rest of the world goes on outside, inside there is peace. the low drone of news radio in the background, the low hum of the drink cooler, the sound of the milk steaming and the espresso brewing...these are all the sounds of comfort.

the smells of coffee, bagels, homemade food - waft through the air. the cool breeze of fall blows through the room everytime another enters.

the stress of the past week has fallen away. the next week shines with promise as the days wind down before thanksgiving. the distant thoughts of peppermint and carols and the first snow linger in my mind as the fall leaves fall off the trees, leaving many branches bare.

today. i just want to feel the day today.

memories swirl through my head. memories of the distant past and the recent, as i look back on my writings and remember the beautiful times in my life. the brief moments in time that have deeply affected me, whether it was a brief look in someone's eye, a conversation with someone, or a moment i was too deeply immersed in to even realize the beauty of in the moment.

today. i will look back on today with the same remembrance. the remembrance of a day that changed the inside of my soul, no matter how ordinary it was.

it's the things that make my heart swell with contentment, happiness, pride, yet sorrow...

that is what i feel today.

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Taryn Lamp said...

my favorite day. ever.
sharing my heart with yours. binding them ever closer.


and reading. each others words.

walking through the autumn leaves. drinking coffee in the cold.

all the orange. the leaves. your sweatshirt. the walls.

simply. i love you.