Tuesday, November 4

hot topic - part two

my absolute most favorite thing in the world is learning about people that were influential in the past. i have thoroughly enjoyed my 20th century history class this year. i never knew i liked history so much. my favorite, though, is learning about influential people in the history of art. andy warhol fascinates me. i have always been interested in his art, but i never knew much about him. however, last year i watched factory girl and watched it again with taryn on sunday and was just enthralled with it. it is the story of edie sedgwick who was andy warhol's "superstar." i am just mesmerized by the absolute brokenness and amount of damage that can be caused by drugs and essentially idolizing that kind of lifestyle. it is just absolutely beautiful the way they portrayed the story. the whole thing is so poignant. i would definitely recommend it. definitely one of my favorite movies [i just love analyzing movies...]

another favorite thing is late night conversations. there is just something about the nighttime that makes it easier to be open about things. it's easier to be philosophical, easier to be willing to talk about more difficult and deep issues. most of all, i love the bond that comes from being vulnerable with someone. one thing i don't like about the college [maybe it's just Covenant] community is the forced vulnerability that is expected. "how are you really doing?" "um..well..i guess i'll tell you..." but you don't really want to. it is just so much more meaningful when you know the other person is trusting you enough to let their guard down and are willing to let you in. it's like a gift. probably the best gift ever.

probably the best thing ever, though, is having someone in your life that is attuned to these things too, who can share in the appreciation of art, of beauty, of fall, of friendship, of even just a few simple words.

this is a brand new experience for me.

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