Saturday, October 11

senior year

it has been such a hard semester, but already one of the most beautiful times of my life. it's sad to think that i am just now feelings settled and in place at covenant, and i'm getting ready to leave. i have come to realize the beauty of the full acceptance of people for all that they are, quirks, preferences, etc. not just being someone who does this, but experiencing it for myself. it's lovely.

in other news: i can't wait to go home. i miss my dear friends who are starting their adult lives in peoria while i work away at getting to that point in my life. it's so hard to believe that in 7 short months i will be done with school (at least for now). it has been such a long time coming and i have been looking forward to it for so long that i can't help but think i will feel a sense of dissapointment once it's all over. college is such a interesting and unnatural time in life that it's weird to think i'll never be back again.

ahh i'm getting all anti-change again. i hate it when this happens. everytime a new stage of life is about to begin. the next stage is always just as good or better.....

oh well. back to homework.

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