Sunday, October 19

oh my.

i do not even know how to begin to tell you about my day today. my brother's barbershop quartet afterhours sang at the 66th annual something or other where the main concert was the "pride of peoria barbershop chorus" and then ben's quartet was the featured entertainment for about 30 minutes after intermission. my parents and some friends and i got to the concert hall and sat down we weren't sure what to expect. i expected a large chorus of 30-40 year old men in red and white striped jackets with straw hats and canes like barbershop things stereotypically are. i figured there would be a few quartets featured and stuff.

boy was i wrong.

the curtains open....and there is a 40 person chorus of men with an average age of....well...i'm gonna go with 86. seriously. these men. old. they were so old they could barely walk. they were all sitting in chairs and singing. and they DID have canes. however, not for show..they were because they couldn't WALK. the best part was when this old WWII vet (prob WWI too...) came out to sing "his favorite song" and then only knew the chorus and kinda mumbled through the rest of the words....he hummed part of it. it was pretty special.

another special moment in the show was when was of the local newsanchors (who was emceeing) came out in a ridiculous amount of white spandex and a black wig and did an interesting, but not accurate, elvis impersonation, and started kissing all the old ladies (by the way the audience average age was probably 84) and shaking his butt in their faces. *shiver* wow it was scary. my grandma kept pointing at me because she wanted him to come over. let me just tell you i probably would have died on the spot.

i especially liked the costumes in the clip above. it is a brief part of a song about favorite part is the 2 or 3 guys who put on baseball caps sideways to look like thugs. ha. that was special. below is my brother's quartet. i love them alot. tim beutel, my brother, dan wessler, and joel cox. great guys. amazing singers. awesome group.


and thus ends the story of my day. i wish i hadn't experienced all of that alone. :(

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