Monday, June 30


matthew broderick makes me nervous.

have you ever seen producers? i am currently in the first 20 minutes of the movie and remembered why i never watch matthew broderick movies. however. he IS a great singer.

this also spurs thoughts of how much i miss broadway music. ever since we got our saturn car i haven't been listening to my iPod playlists because there is no tape deck for the adapter. i have a playlist for every occasion. here they are:

chillaxin - for all your feist, ditty bops, corinne bailey rae needs
christmas - self explanatory
classic! - norah jones, sara gazarek, coldplay, lily allen, suzanne vega, eisley, regina....etc.
escape - scissor sisters, aretha, plain white t's, simon and garfunkel, cascada, christina aguilera, grease soundtrack, rent soundtrack, will smith.
hippie music - all your classic oldies.
l'arome de paris - all my french music :) for the paris cafe days
loveKate - all my songs from my friend Katie
my heart sings - sara groves, casting crowns, hillsong, etc.
no reservations - soundtrack
POWERTUNES - upbeat summer workout tunes
rent - soundtrack
roadtrip mix - mix Katie and i made for our many trips home and to florida
study music - diplo, chaka demus, fergie, sean kingston, gwen stefani, step up soundtrack
sweeny todd - soundtrack
last five years - soundtrack
thumpity thump - all my hiphop music
wicked - soundtrack

so as you can see...i like the soundtracks. :)

what's on your playlists this summer?

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