Tuesday, April 15

I hate change

I have been thinking about the whole "end of an era" thing again, which is never good news in Jill-Land. At the end of high school I sobbed endlessly just because I would never be able to revisit that era of my life again. I was forever out of high school. And, while that change has not been a bad one to say the least, I still hate the end of an era. Well, today has been a very...that kind of day for me. I am starting to look forward to graduating college and picking a grad school, etc. and I don't like making these kinds a of big decisions. Mainly because I'm afraid I'll decide what I want to do and not be able to do it due to money or something. I just know I want the perfect program for me. Right now I'm looking at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. It looks great. We'll see I guess.

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