Wednesday, March 12

That is neither here nor there.

It's been an interesting past week or so. Spring break was amazing. Thanks to all who made my 21st birthday a blast! :) The SEPA conference I attended during spring break was interesting and really made me love the discipline even more. I'm excited to know more and more people in my department and in the school. Today has been an interesting day. This morning in my Christian Issues class we had a SIP presentation by Amira Mikhail who is Egyptian/American. She's really great. Her SIP was one terrorism and causes of terrorism from the perspective of the terrorist. I love learning about these types of things after I know they have been studied scientifically.

Anyway, on another note, I have been wanting to clean my room and have it be warm enough to just leave the window open. However, I have a test tomorrow (which I should be studying for right now) which has been taking up every minute of my day. I am looking forward to having it over.

Thank you Dr. Wright for moving the book review until after Easter Break. It's a wonderful blessing.

Ok off to study. More thoughts later.

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