Saturday, February 2

You've Got Me Trippin'...Stumblin'...Flippin'...Fumblin'...Clumsy Cause I've Fallen In Love...

I've had quite the interesting week. Last Wednesday I decided to go with Christy to see her fiance Allen and my friend David play soccer in Chattanooga. We were all supposed to ride together but another Covenant soccer guy decided to come, so to have enough room, Allen, Christy and decided to go early and stop at New York and Co. to get Christy some jeans that were on sale. We shopped for a while and I decided not to buy any jeans since I wanted to save money. After she buys hers we leave for the game.
As we pull up to the building in Allen's little 2 door black Camero, I go to get out of the back seat and:


Ha. Yes that's right. My pants ripped. And this isn't any old rip. It's like the tearing of the veil in the temple. It's like the parting of the red seas. So I look down in horror, IMMEDIATELY happy that we had driven separately from the others, and look back to Allen's face with bursts of laughter. Christy and I hop back in the car and drive to the closest store (which happened to be Old Navy) and I try on every pair of jeans I can find. The game starts in 10 minutes. The store closes in 10 minutes. It's a race against time. Finally I find the seemingly ONLY PAIR of jeans that fit my body and buy them. They are $40. They go above my belly button. They zip and button UP THE SIDE. They are yucky.

Great night let me tell ya.

So that's a great story right? But then comes THURSDAY.
I am on my way to class in my new jeans that are uncomfortable and as I come up to the building that my class is in, my ankle turns sharply to the right, pops loudly, and I fall spread eagle on the ground. I came out of that with a twisted ankle, scraped/banged up knee (which is now swollen), and sprained wrist.

I've decided it's klutz week. Good thing tomorrow is Sunday.

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