Tuesday, February 19

rats, psi chi, and friends

here is me and paul anka. she likes me alot. can you tell? we've been spending alot of time together. she is supposed to be learning how to press a bar to get a reinforcement. (treat)

right now she knows where to find the treats but not quite how to get them. i only give the treats when she presses the bar, but it's many many minutos inbetween bar presses....proving to the world that she hasn't quite connected the dots yet.

tonight i was officially inducted into the covenant chapter of psi chi. this, as you may or may not know, is the national psychology honors society. in order to be accepted for membership you must 1) have 9 or more psychology credits at the university you are attending, 2) have a 3.0 or higher psychology class gpa, and 3) have a 3.5 or higher overall gpa. so thankfully i just scraped by on that psych class gpa and made it in! yayyyy!

and for good measure, here is a picture of my beloved hallmate elizabeth and i. i love her dearly. we made a list of things to do this year. it is hanging on my wall. some of the items include get a library card in chattanooga, read a historical book, write a poem, fingerpaint.....etc. :)

i have alot more thoughts on psychology to share soon. i have been overwhelmed/engulfed in psychology lately, and it has become my standard of thinking...my typical musings if you will. however, that is all for today...... :) love to you all

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livs said...

fiona needs to make her debut, send me the pictures of her and i?

fi fi is ready to come out to the world of the bloggers i feel....she told me ;o)

congrats on psy chi! :)