Friday, February 8

post-its, post-its everywhere

For the past two weeks I have been pestering my psychology professor, Dr. Wright, to come to the SEPA conference (South Eastern Psychological Association) with us. I would whisper it as he passed by desk in class, "Come to SEPA..." I would propose a trade off for an earlier book report deadline: "Ok...I'll do the early deadline come to SEPA!"

Finally, yesterday brought the climax of the persuasion. I brought it up every moment I could during the day. That evening I was studying in the psych lab with some friends for our doctrine test today. Suddenly a brilliant idea popped into my head. "Post-its!!" So my friend grabbed some post-its from my desk and brought them down to the psych lab and helped me write notes to stick all over Dr. Wright's office. They were ridiculous notes, but I knew that he would laugh when he saw them in the morning.

After a fitful sleep last night (worried that we may instead get in trouble for this harmless act!) I woke up to an email in my inbox from good ol' Dr. Wright. This is what it said: "Nice work in my office! Ok, so I'm smiling...even laughing :)" I began to laugh, excited about the success of the evening. Class went as normal, and later, when I passed Dr. Wright on his way out of campus he gave me a glare with a twinkle in his eye and said, "Hey...stay outta my office!"

Thus ends the tale of a successful prank on a prof.

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