Monday, January 28

mocha joe's bistro

thank goodness for monday.

that's one phrase i never thought i'd hear coming out of my own mouth, but there it is! i am sitting in this little corner coffee shop at the base of lookout mountain called mocha joe's bistro. it's this tiny, privately owned shop that specializes in coffee and homemade sandwhiches. the best part (for me, not them) is that it is, as of yet, pretty undiscovered, which means i have the whole place to myself.

i had a nice conversation with the owner and he split a cafe breve with me (on the house!) mmmm i love this place.

two walls are painted a bright tangerine orange and the other two are the boldest red-orange you could possibly find this side of the mexican border. there are large framed mirrors on the wall and plenty of local art displays. each table is a different style and the couches and chairs along the mirrored wall look as thought they were ordered straight from the 70's. hippie-tastic!

my favorite part, however, is the bar with the awning, where you order. there isn't some hidden kitchen, there is just this alcove in the wall which holds sinks, espresso machine, and island for sandwich making, and a truly "homey-kitchen feel." this place is unmatchable.

someday i'll take pictures.

anyway, i'm back to my mountains of homework. i'm well on my way to being done with the week's homework (which would be great, since i have a book report due in 3 weeks which i haven't started reading the book for yet). one reason i love mondays: back to the schedule. i don't like large open spaces of time, with no transportation. bleck.

thank you, God, for getting me through the weekend.

here's the recent favorite song. check it out:

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livs said...

1. ive always wanted to go to mocha joes....glad you went!

2. you WOULD have that video up...i listened to that cd in my room the other day :)

3. i just really love you. a lot