Friday, October 5


look at the darling email i got in response from the archbishops chaplain, "uncle onesimus."
Hello my girl Jill,
Sorry this is not a swift response. We have been on the move. Returned to Uganda on monday and I am slowly recovering from the jet lag.So i have just managed to check my mails.
I thought there was something quite unique about you. Your love for us was outstanding.I can still picture your emotional face at Covenant Presb Church as we bid farewell to each other. I also remember the firm hug. What would a white young lady have to do with a black African man had it not been for the love of Jesus that binds us together.
Sure I will appreciate our continued friendship.God does not waste introductions.
Will send a picture soon. Thanks for that gorgeous picture.
Calvary love,
Uncle Onesimus

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