Sunday, August 5


the other day as i walked into starbucks, ready to relax and goof off with my friends for a while, i looked to the side and saw a girl. i recognized her from the beginning, but had never met her before that. she was friends with several of my close friends, but we had never talked before. i went and sat down, since she was in conversation, but i could tell she recognized me as well. i took out my book and began to read. after several minutes, she wrapped up her chat with an elderly woman named veronica and rushed towards me.
"jill!" she called across the cafe.
"sara?" i answered back. "this is kinda weird...we're not really friends..."
"i know!"

she arranged all of her belongings on the counter next to me and whipped out her computer to show me pictures of the recent ywam missions experience she had been on. we talked for two hours. this girl is phenomenal. i am so excited to have a new friend. every once in a while someone new comes into your life that you just know will be a good influence on you; that will rock your world; that will shift your perspective.

sara is one of those people. i am proud to say i am a friend of sara heffron.

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